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Food for Healthy Weight Management: This is a 5 week nutrition class where you will learn about healthy eating to obtain and maintain a healthy weight. The LEAF Leadership can teach you how to reverse heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, gout, and high cholesterol.

Youth LEAF (Lifestyle Education And Food) Program:This program is for ages 8-12. Fun activities to teach good nutrition, exercise, and stress management.


Cancer Prevention and Survival Class: This is a 4 week nutrition class where you will learn about healthy eating specifically for cancer prevention.


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Therapeutic Yoga program is meant for stretching • strengthening • relaxation

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Van loved the outdoors, hiking, biking, and especially kayaking. By his mid 40’s Van was struggling with severe chronic pain resulting from nerve damage. By age 49, the physical pain rendered Van incapable of continuing his profession as a Sales Rep. He struggled daily not only from the physical pain but also the psychological and emotional toll it took on himself and his family.

Van’s kayak hung for years in the garage with Van dreaming of returning to the water. On summer day, he announced he wanted his kayak down, he thought he could go kayaking. With reservation, I got it down and placed it on the lawn for his inspection. 

“How can you go kayaking when you can’t even sit in your choir without severe pain?” I asked. Van replied “I think I can do it.”

I watched him carefully guide his body inside the kayak. Van then looked up with a beaming smile, gave a thumbs up and said “Yea!”

There were two occasions when Van returned to the water. This picture depicts that spirit of perseverance. Keep fighting through the pain…. Dreams don’t die unless you let them.

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