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Dr. John Black Memorial Library

This library is dedicated to the memory of John Black, MD, an exemplary integrative family physician, physician educator, and medical acupuncturist. Dr. Black, who was one of the founding board members of The Maple Center and a faculty member with the Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency, donated his personal library of integrative medicine and acupuncture resources as the seeds to grow a resource library for the community and for health professional learners.


The Dr. John Black Memorial Library is a joint project with The Maple Center and Union Hospital. The materials are available for loan for 21 days. Computer access to the internet is available. The main areas of concentration are: Integrative Health; Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine; Nutrition; Parenting and Women’s Health.


Check our online catalog at TinyCat to see what books are available in the Dr. John Black Memorial Library.  Then, feel free to come in and read/browse the books you are interested in.


Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Pick Your Own Vegetables Information Sheet

Russell Honey - Organically Managed Raw Honey and Hive Products - Kingman, IN 765-585-6752 or

Breastfeeding Coalition of the Wabash Valley
This partnership will inform, promote, and support breastfeeding in the local community and surrounding areas. Membership in the Breastfeeding Coalition is open to anyone interested in the promotion of breastfeeding.

Chronic Pain Resources

sponsored by The Van Desrocher Memorial Fund

Discovery Channel documentary, “Pain Matters”

This site offers breathing exercises, relaxation exercises, guided imagery information, stress management information, along with other information related to Chronic Pain.

National Fibromyalgia Foundation: Ten Fibromyalgia Facts -  

Using Opioids Safely -

Is There Life With Pain? -

Relaxation Guide -


                                 sponsored by The Van Desrocher Memorial Fund


Van loved the outdoors, hiking, biking, and especially kayaking. By his mid 40’s Van was struggling with severe chronic pain resulting from nerve damage. By age 49, the physical pain rendered Van incapable of continuing his profession as a Sales Rep. He struggled daily not only from the physical pain but also the psychological and emotional toll it took on himself and his family.

Van’s kayak hung for years in the garage with Van dreaming of returning to the water. On summer day, he announced he wanted his kayak down, he thought he could go kayaking. With reservation, I got it down and placed it on the lawn for his inspection. 

 “How can you go kayaking when you can’t even sit in your choir without severe pain?” I asked. Van replied “I think I can do it.”

 I watched him carefully guide his body inside the kayak. Van then looked up with a beaming smile, gave a thumbs up and said “Yea!”

There were two occasions when Van returned to the water. This picture depicts that spirit of perseverance. Keep fighting through the pain…. Dreams don’t die unless you let them.


Circle of Hope Bracelets Website - Circle of Hope Bracelets is a community-service not-for-profit organization that offers its dedicated volunteers opportunities to raise money for the fight against cancer. Volunteer activities include making and selling bracelets. Profits from these activities are donated to cancer causes, particularly cancer research, education, treatment and care.



Indiana State University Center for the Study of Health, Religion and Spirituality


     Individuals with Disabilities Resources


Sesame Street Autism Resources for Parents
Moving with Special Needs Kids
Reduce the Noise: Help Loved Ones with Sensory Overload Enjoy Shopping

Sensory Processing Resources
Home Modifications for Special Needs Kids
Estate Planning for Special Needs Kids

Articles and Handouts

The Joy of Healthy Eating

Name of Article Author
My Personal Journey Chef Wendell Fowler
 Foods that Prevent Cancer  Chef Wendell Fowler
 Fast Food and Obesity Chef Wendell Fowler
 The Joy of Healthy Digestion  Kathleen A. Stienstra MD
 Mindful Eating Resources  Jean L. Kristeller PhD
 Our Beloved Diet Revealed  Chef Wendell Fowler
 Ten Simple Steps to a Happy Heart  Chef Wendell Fowler
 Childhood Obesity  Chef Wendell Fowler
 Recipes  Chef Wendell Fowler
 Allergy Elimination Diet  Alan R. Gaby MD
 Spirituality and Health  Jean L. Kristeller PhD

"Quench the Fire" Natural Answers for Inflammation                               

The End of Mindless Eating                                                                      Chef Wendell Fowler

Quench Brain Inflammation/ Headaches                                                  Kathleen Stienstra, MD

Natural Approaches for Sore Joints & Muscles                                         Karen Cunningham, PT

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